By engaging the curriculum and the Four E’s of business…

What does a Lead IPoT® Collaborator do?

A Lead Collaborator works with business owners and leaders to propel their business to the next level for continued growth and success or to be positioned to sell, and everything in between. The process will allow you to set time aside to step out of the day-to-day, put you into an environment of personal commitment, high challenge, capability and leadership development.

How can a Collaborator help me and my business?

A Collaborator can only begin to help once you recognize that you are open to coaching and support or are at least willing to discuss your business goals and needs. Then take the “first step” toward an initial consultation. At a minimum, you will gain key insight and concepts that you can immediately implement into your business.

What do you know about my business, my industry?

You are the expert of your business and your industry and therefore critical to the process. A Collaborator brings a customizable curriculum to help you identify your key obstacles and constraints that are preventing you from achieving the progress you desire. We will then jointly develop a plan structured around the Four E’s that are specific to your business.

How do I know which program option is best for me?

The options are designed for you to determine the speed at which you want to move your business forward.

Are there other services that you provide in addition to current options?

The offered programs have been developed based on the majority of client needs and requests. I am happy to discuss other services that will help you reach your goals and objectives toward achieving a sustainable business.

Why does collaboration work?

The biggest reason is based on the commitment and desire you chose to make toward re-establishing a focused effort within your business. The curriculum and the collaborator provide the discipline and guiding principles, you provide the willingness to embrace accountability and ownership.

How soon will I be able to see results of working with a collaborator?

We will develop and agree on key metrics to measure and monitor the progress and success rates of action plans. I am a firm believer that incremental success leads to exponential growth.

How does the name IDEALbv relate to collaboration?

Most business owners and leaders have started with their “ideal” vision in mind, but quickly stray away from the vision as they become trapped in the day-to-day operations of the business. Others realize they are entering a reinvention mode of their business model and are looking to start a new “venture” within their product or service offering.