How We Collaborate & Connect

It all starts with any combination of People, Process, Technology and Business Models, or what I refer to as integrating “the Intellectual Property of Things® (IPoT).

Different business leaders have different needs to achieve their goals and reach their true potential. Some need help with revenue growth and cost containment, some need additional clarity of their strategic vision, some need leadership coaching, some have other needs we can help address.

We start by listening and gaining a clear understanding of your objectives, using the Four E’s as an umbrella, determining where you currently stand and where you would like to go. Each element within the curriculum is very important to the process, so we outline these thoroughly and provide actions toward achieving the objectives.

By taking time to adopt planning strategies and understanding your mission, your business can operate as efficiently and profitably as possible.

The options below address a wide variety of needs of business professionals as well as recent graduates. Determine which program or offering works for you and contact us today.

Mentor 1:1

Individual 1-1 ½ hour peer-to-peer sessions that are scheduled to be held weekly or bi-monthly.

Mentor Share

A group collaboration program for multiple personnel from the same company or  individuals from unrelated companies.

Disappearing Boundaries

Creations of the Mind – open platform sessions to discuss disruptive technologies and global trends impacting your business along with the potential to create new business models through Partnership Capital.

Moving Up and to the Right

Available workshops – 90 minute, half-day and full-day – to be jointly customized and agreed upon prior to engagement.

College Graduate Assistant

Preparing soon-to-be and recent graduates with preparation and career path alignment. Includes DISC Classic profile assessment and debrief, plus step-by-step guide and coaching with a focus on personal branding.

DISC & Management Profile Assessment:

A detailed report and evaluation to better understand your management style and how to build more effective teams. Measure your Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness (DISC) traits for leadership effectiveness.

DISC Classic Profile for College Graduates

Understanding the strengths and challenges of your behavioral style. Measure your Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness (DISC)