A Healthy Business Foundation

The framework of IDEALbv is based upon the development of a detailed strategic planning model customized for your specific needs and challenges. The curriculum incorporates the essential “Four E’s of business and key elements within each, providing you with a clearly defined plan helping to reduce frustration and uncertainty.


A complete view of your business that addresses where you are today, and where you want to go, by defining your vision, mission, the culture you want to operate in and the leadership required to get you there.


Move your business upward along the business curve through the essentials of developing a strategic plan, and putting the plan into action. The road map will be a vital tool to drive your performance.


Making the right business decision and doing the right thing is about removing emotion and embracing passion. The end result is to celebrate success.


The combination of targeting both your top line and bottom line goals will steer you toward maximizing your overall financial performance. Incremental successes leads to exponential growth.